An information design piece arguing the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet in relation to the impact it has on the environment. 
 A typeface created for the credits of The National Film Board of Canada's short film  Skin for Skin  in conjunction with Fifteen Pound Pink Productions.
 Extended Play is a visually focused music magazine for  creatively inclined people that are interested in the lifestyle of contemporary music, as well as what goes into making it.     A collaborative piece with  Matt Leadbeater
 Corbel + Cooke is a corporate interior design company focused on small food related businesses, such as coffee shops or bakeries. The brand employs a contemporary aesthetic using bright colours and clear iconography to appear unintimidating to small business owners. With a strong focus on the experience, Corbel + Cooke aims to help their clients sell the space to the customer rather than use the space to sell the product. 
 An illustrated typography piece of a family recipe for chocolate cake. 
1 Second_hero.png
  A full rebrand of absinthe, including name development, logo design, packaging, advertisements, posters, website and a promotional video.
 A 12 month calendar for 2015 combining two of the best things in the world - plants and food. 
 An editorial illustration piece for an article about living in small apartments in New York.